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2nd Prize in photo contest “Gantrisch park by night”

The institution Naturpark Gantrisch had a photo contest running where participants were invited to post up to five images, showing “life” in the Gantrisch region at night. I was a bit in a hurry because the night before the deadline I had just returned from a four week trip through the US. Anyway: I grabbed my Fuji X100F and my X-T1 with the 90 mm f/2.0 lens and went out and got a few shots. I submitted these five images:


Ticino in colour

No, it really doesn’t need a fast prime lens to shoot nice images. Superzooms do not necessarily ruin everything. Here are a few shots, all OOC JPEGs, taken during the summer holiday in Ticino, southern Switzerland. All but one taken with the 18-200 Sony Superzoom on an NEX-7. The shot of the statue was also made with the NEX-7, but with an adapted Contax G 45 mm f2.0 Planar.

43642704 Foto 2

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Natter tries to swallow a giant toad

Natter tries to swallow a giant toad

Some wildlife photography, for a change. A natter (Natrix Natrix )tries to swallow a huge toad. The toad was about the size of a roasted chicken and obviously ‘a bit’ too large for that dumb snake. All involved parties, including the photographer, survived without any serious injuries.

The shots and some videos were taken near Ronco, Ticino, Switzerland.


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