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Bern, Europaplatz

Results from a short photowalk to the Europaplatz in Bern. Here, a tram line, a bus line and two commuting train lines cross. People get off and on public transport vehicles. There’s a supermarket, a pharmacy, some fast food places, and everything is covered by the bridge of a highway. There is also a cultural and religious centre, with jewish, hindu, buddhism centres, and a mosque. A place where people meet.

All but one photos taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro 2.

(Edited on 1st of May 2018. Replaced most images by S/W copies with strong contrast. Much more adequate for those graphic street photography pics.)


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2nd Prize in photo contest “Gantrisch park by night”

The institution Naturpark Gantrisch had a photo contest running where participants were invited to post up to five images, showing “life” in the Gantrisch region at night. I was a bit in a hurry because the night before the deadline I had just returned from a four week trip through the US. Anyway: I grabbed my Fuji X100F and my X-T1 with the 90 mm f/2.0 lens and went out and got a few shots. I submitted these five images: