Natter tries to swallow a giant toad

Natter tries to swallow a giant toad

Some wildlife photography, for a change. A natter (Natrix Natrix )tries to swallow a huge toad. The toad was about the size of a roasted chicken and obviously ‘a bit’ too large for that dumb snake. All involved parties, including the photographer, survived without any serious injuries.

The shots and some videos were taken near Ronco, Ticino, Switzerland.




Technically it was somewhat demanding. I just had my Contax 45/2.0 Planar lens mounted to my Sony NEX-7, and therefore had no autofocus. Focusing the Planar is delicate (but pays off when the focus is met). I wanted to change against the also manual Contax 90/2.8 to get a little closer, but before changing lenses I wanted to get some shots and some short video clips taken and secured. Unfortunately, the snake felt a bit ’embarrassed’ by my presence or recognized that the toad was a bit too large, and disappeared – no time to change lens! A simple, dull kit zoom with autofocus might habe been a better choice for this opportunity!
Anyway, it came out not too bad, I think.







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