About anticipation, preparation (master your gear!) and luck (or lack of luck)

Look at this: when I stumbled across this poster, held by the little Playmobil man, I immediately thought it would be a great background for a person in an orange workdress. I had about 15 minutes to spare, waiting for my commuting train, so I stayed and watched the scene: ANTICIPATION






Lucky enough, suddenly a worker dressed in orange passed – all I had to do is press the shutter. But the Fuji X100 releases the shutter so fast (if the AF is already close to the actual distance) that the person was exactly in front of the Playmobil man, blocking half of the important background. I should have engaged the continuous drive mode and take 3, 4 shots in a second or so which would have almost certainly contained at least one shot with the two orange dressed workers being visible. Damn. Prepare and master your gear!





I had another 5 minutes to spare. No chance that – by pure coincidence – one more orange worker would turn up. I decided to stay anyway, and to engage the contiuous drive mode. Prepare! But guess what happened: Suddenly he emerged from a dense crowd of people. At first he was aiming to walk directly behind me, but there were so many people around that in the last second he decided to walk right into the scene. Luck! And even more unlikely, no other person was in the viewfinder even though it was the rush hour. If you know the main station in Bern, you know what “rush hour” means here. So again, pure luck!


This is the result: The AF had adjusted for the background. The person walked so quickly that there was no chance to re-adjust. He is out of focus. So I was a little out of luck. I should have turned manual focus on, and adjust to  focuas range somewhere half way between me and the poster. Prepare and master your gear!


Anyway – I like the result a lot. May be that having the person in front in focus but the poster out of focus would even be the less appealing version. I consider myself lucky and I am quite happy with the shot. BTW: both orange dressed workers were NOT working at the scene, but were heading home, with a shopping bag in their hands.





{If you would like to use any of my photos, please consider them as published under the “creative commons” licence (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons for details). In short: you may use any of these photos as long as you do not charge for them, and you have to mention my name as the owner/author in a clearly visible way. In simple words: feel free to use, but give credit and don’t steel.

Time.Captured. (Karsten Seiferlin)}


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