FIND: Film is not dead

A month ago I bought an old Contax G1 camera on eBay. I loaded it with some Kodak Gold 200 film from the lokal supermarket (waiting for a few rolls of Tri-X 400 to arrive) and gave it a test run. The Contax is pretty heavy when carried around with one hand – a lot heavier than my Fuji X100 and my NEX-7. It feels very solid and gives a great feeling when operated. Some people complain about “small and dark” viewfinder, but I found it OK.

40724579 file


Because both the autofocus the film drive are motor-driven, the camera is not exactly quiet and low profile. The X100 is much easier to carry around and point at someone, taking candid shots.



{If you would like to use any of my photos, please consider them as published under the “creative commons” licence (see for details). In short: you may use any of these photos as long as you do not charge for them, and you have to mention my name as the owner/author in a clearly visible way. In simple words: feel free to use, but give credit and don’t steel.

Time.Captured. (Karsten Seiferlin)}

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It feels very unusual to not being able to check photos right after taking them, or at least the same evening when back home. Also sharpness, white balance, DoF can not be checked. I wasn’t aware how much experience analog viewfinder (i.e. non SLR) cameras require if you want to take serious pictures and not just holiday snapshots and the like.

The first roll came out quite OK. Only very few photos were out of focus, and two of them because I had put the camera to MF and forgot to engage AF again. The grain was much more prominent than I had though, but otherwise the quality was just fine: colour, exposure and contrast turned out pretty much OK. Unfortunately the scans that were produced by the photo lab (standard order, no special scanning service) have only 4 MPx and don’t give much reserve for cropping, if any.


 40724572 file

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