Thun, Aare

A sunday afternoon walk through Thun. All photos were taken with the NEX-7 and the Sony 18-200 Superzoom lens. Who says that good photos can only be made with prime lenses?


40245830 file




Fence, spreading out


This one is my third image that made it into Flickr’s EXPLORED. It reached #75 on 13 April 2012.



All color images are unprocessed JPEGs, OOC. The B/W images are processed on an iPad.



{If you would like to use any of my photos, please consider them as published under the “creative commons” licence (see for details). In short: you may use any of these photos as long as you do not charge for them, and you have to mention my name as the owner/author in a clearly visible way. In simple words: feel free to use, but give credit and don’t steel.

Time.Captured. (Karsten Seiferlin)}






40245833 file


[Waiting for the geranium pots: HEY it’s springtime!]


40245832 file40245834 file 

Not much going on these days



40245836 file 

Take a seat


 40245837 file 

Bridge over troubled water


 40245840 file

whole lotta shakin going on


 40245841 file


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