B/W photography with the MS Super Triplet 3.5/35 mm Perar lens, adapted to a Sony NEX-7

I recently purchased a very special lens that is hand made in Japan in very limited quantities. Individual lenses are numbered and the serial number is engraved in the front ring (mine is a Mark II design and version, serial no. #433). It comes with a Leica M mount, which can easily be adapted to the Sony E-mount and fits the Sony NEX series. The lens is tiny – it will hardly get any smaller. The aperture ring has no discrete stops and needs quite some force to be moved, which inevitably will change the focus ring as well. The focus ring, however, moves smoothly with just the right force.
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(The MS Optical Super Triplet adapted to the NEX-7.)


The image quality is very good, I believe, with one exception which is not caused by the lens but rather by the NEX-7: color shifting across the field, with magenta colored corners. The magenta doesn’t show up always, or it is sometimes more enhanced and sometimes very subtle. In b/w images it doesn’t play a role, of course. Otherwise the lens is sharp and shows no noteworthy distortions or CAs. 


(Key features, taken from that web page:)


  • Very high optical quality triplet formula lens
  • Ultra compact design, weight 75g, collapsible (4.2mm height when collapsed)
  • Premium quality Tantalum glass, superior to Trium and Lanthanum glass with best refractive qualities
  • Refined triplet design with two double thickness positive lenses, superior to Tessar design
  • Round aperture for smooth and pleasing bokeh (Edmund Optics, Made in USA)
  • Minimum focus distance 0.8m
  • ALL glass surfaces multicoated, 97% light transmission
  • Vivid, real and beautiful color reproduction, high contrast high resolution images
  • Second lot of 200 lenses (serial 201-400), designed, manufactured and hand-assembled in Japan by Mr Sadoyasu Miyazaki



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(Bern, Einsteinterrasse. This is the same location and situation as on the shot below, but taken from behind rather than from below)



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(Bern, Einsteinterrasse)
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(Bern, Waisenhausplatz)
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(Bern, Bundesplatz)
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(Bern, Bundesplatz. This one is not really sharp but I had to be fast to capture that smile. Two shots taken just a few seconds later are tack sharp, but boring because the smile is gone)


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Time.Captured. (Karsten Seiferlin)}

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