Contax G lenses adapted to a Sony NEX

Contax G lenses adapted to a Sony NEX

While I am still waiting for my ordered NEX-7, I am using a NEX-5 which I bought with the SEL18200 superzoom in a kit box (BTW: the kit was 300 Swiss Francs cheaper than the lens alone on eBay! So the NEX-5 is for free, and will be sold on ebay as soon as the NEX-7 arrives). Yesterday I updated the firmware to version 5, which has focus peaking (finally!). Manual focus is so easy, fast and a pleasure with it! Love it.

Time to attach my two Contax G lenses (Sonnar 90 mm f2.8 and Planar 45 mm f2) to it.37444904 adapter 1


The first adapter was a relatively cheap one from ebay, with a thin focus ring. Terrible. It has a lot of friction, runs very hard, sometimes blocks completely for a second – a nightmare. Then I ordered a Metabones adapter – one from their new silver series which matches the silver finish of the Contax G lenses almost perfectly. The adapter is expensive (130 $), big and heavy. It is difficult to attach to the lens. The Metabones video on Youtube shows a procudere how to attach the adapter to the lens, but it didn’t work on mine. It worked, though, when I attach the adapter to the camera first, then add the lens to it, and finally remove the combo from the body and close the “lock” switch. OK, once installed, the lens/adapter combo looks great, and, most important, the focus mechanism runs perfectly. Very solid, very smooth, a real pleasure to use! Well invested money! I am now considering to order a second adapter for my second lens, which would save me from taking the combo apart again.


37444905 Adapter 2


Both Contax G lenses perform phantastically on the NEX-5. Here are a few examples (not very great shots, but that’s what I had after two or three days of using them with the NEX-5).

The snow covered branch and the door are shot with the Sonnar 90, the fountain and the reading woman were taken with the Planar 45. All very sharp. Look at the beautiful the bokeh on the photo of the fountain.


37444907 T r

 37444908 DSC00030

37444909 DSC00041

 37444910 Bahnhof


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