Colours of London

Colours of London


A selection of colour photos from our recent trip to London. Some taken with the Fuji X100, some with the Panasonic Lumix GH1 and the 14-140 mm lens.

32972364 IMG 1000002033



 32972360 IMG 1000001932

32972361 IMG 1000001981

32972362 IMG 1000001983

32972359 IMG 1000001799 

32972363 IMG 1000002018

32972365 IMG 1000002036

32972366 IMG 1000002037

32972367 IMG 1000002038

32972368 IMG 1000002039

32972369 IMG 1000002041

32972370 IMG 1000002042


{If you would like to use any of my photos, please consider them as published under the “creative commons” licence (see for details). In short: you may use any of these photos as long as you do not charge for them, and you have to mention my name as the owner/author in a clearly visible way. In simple words: feel free to use, but give credit and don’t steel.

Time.Captured. (Karsten Seiferlin)}

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