Struggling with composition

Struggling with composition

The photo below is certainly interesting because of the gorgeous colors of the wooden shed and the flowers in front of it. We have cyan, magenta and green in the same image. The door, the flower pot and the grill hanging from the wall form a diagonal – not bad for an interesting composition. Nevertheless, I think the image doesn’t quite take off. Something is wrong, something is missing, and something is too much.

31936084 image 1


The next three images are crops that try, with different strategies, to fix it and improve the composition. The first one cuts away the white paper cup and the black tube on the very right. The frame ends up to be square. It is harmonic, but also somewhat boring. The door, which is the main subject, is in the center. Not bad, but…

The second attempt goes one step further, and is more radical, trying to add some tension by cutting away part of the door and the flower pot, and leaving out the grill hanged to the wall. The door is now left from the center, and the flowers dominate the lower center. Instead of a square format we are back to a landscape, 3:2 frame. The shelf is only partly visible and leads the eye out of the frame – however, for no good reason. There is now tension, but it still doesn’t work. The result is not satisfying.

The last image is similar like the previous one but in portrait orientation. Door and flower pot are entirely visible. The grill is just left out of the frame, but forces the crop to be very tight around the door – too tight, for my taste.

What else could work? Which crop do you like best? I’d be happy to get your suggestions!



 31936085 image 2

31936086 image 3

31936087 image 4


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