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Ticino in colour

No, it really doesn’t need a fast prime lens to shoot nice images. Superzooms do not necessarily ruin everything. Here are a few shots, all OOC JPEGs, taken during the summer holiday in Ticino, southern Switzerland. All but one taken with the 18-200 Sony Superzoom on an NEX-7. The shot of the statue was also made with the NEX-7, but with an adapted Contax G 45 mm f2.0 Planar.

43642704 Foto 2

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Contax G lenses adapted to a Sony NEX

Contax G lenses adapted to a Sony NEX

While I am still waiting for my ordered NEX-7, I am using a NEX-5 which I bought with the SEL18200 superzoom in a kit box (BTW: the kit was 300 Swiss Francs cheaper than the lens alone on eBay! So the NEX-5 is for free, and will be sold on ebay as soon as the NEX-7 arrives). Yesterday I updated the firmware to version 5, which has focus peaking (finally!). Manual focus is so easy, fast and a pleasure with it! Love it.

Time to attach my two Contax G lenses (Sonnar 90 mm f2.8 and Planar 45 mm f2) to it.37444904 adapter 1

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