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Some thoughts about adapting legacy lenses (Part 1)

Some thoughts about adapting legacy lenses (Part 1)

Mirrorless system cameras like the G series from Panasonic or the Olympus PEN series save the heavy and bulky mirrors and bring the lens mount closer to the focal place, which not only makes the system lenses smaller than their DSLR counterparts – it also leaves room for adapters for all kinds of classic DSLR lenses. Therefore, there is a huge choice of lenses available on eBay, mostly used and very cheap. Of course these lenses must, when adapted, be focused manually, and also the aperture cannot be adjusted by the camera, but the manual aperture and focus rings feel great to the hands of enthusiast – it is fun and a pleasure to turn them.

These lenses – especially when we talk about primes – are small, often very sharp and fast. Doesn’t this sound great? Couldn’t these lenses fill the gaps of fast primes that are left in the lens line-up of Sony (NEX), Panasonic and Olympus (Micro FourThirds)? Fast, sharp primes for very little money? Sweet!


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